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The Denver office was a little busy this year – making lots of last minute changes; dealing with computer glitches;  and airline hassles. My “Travel Helper” told me not to panic until today, so when I called in to let her know it was my day – she laughed and said it had just been completed!  (big WHEW!) 

Last year I had to drive to Wichita to DEPART.  (Then flew to DALLAS and back to Denver) This year I get to depart from SALINA with a straight shot to Denver!!  At the airport – I will be picked up via a shuttle (and there will be other “ICE PEOPLE” arriving at the same time. This is where we first start the bonding process.  Employees are all dropped at various hotels.  Once the deployment begins- they literally run close to a thousand people through as quickly as possible.  As one group finishes the 2 day orientation – the next group of workers is arriving and filling up the hotels again. It really is an amazing feat – and I would NOT want that job!

So now I am doing my final packing.  (and repacking) and pacing….. and I’m READY!!!


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