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The departure date has finally arrived. I woke up at 3:30 this morning – in anticipation of enjoying my final day in Kansas. It will be SPRING of 2009 when I see my little home town again. (Mind boggling!!!)

I am excited to report that a special delivery will be occurring. (NO, I’m not going to be a grandma – yet.) This year I will be hand delivering a resume for another person from Abilene! She has been talking to me about all the details, and decided to go for it!!

** 🙂 ** Additions to the Antarctica page: A click-on-link to view a webcam over McMurdo! I sat for a long time staring at the image (which is updated about every 10 minutes). You should be able to see a “white road” leading off to the left on the sea ice. That is the “short cut road” to Pegasus Airfield, and I will be driving on it in less than a week! I will also drive up to the location of that webcam. This year I will stand there looking down over McMurdo – and envision you looking with me. (but for YOU to get the REAL effect – stand in a walk-in freezer for at least 45 min. and THEN view the photo. :))

Hello to Abilene McKinley 2nd and 3rd graders; and Junction City’s Freshman FSA Team C Science class – who will be following me this year. EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to send questions!

Mailing reminder: When mailing things to McMurdo – we have an APO address (email me for it). If you place items in a cushioned mailer – it will take approximately 2 weeks to arrive. If you place items in a BOX it will take closer to 2 months. Also remember it has to pass customs – so a customs form will be required from your local post office!

….I better go check that I have my passport – ONE MORE TIME 🙂

Let the journey begin!!!


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