hold-it-right-there.jpg  Leave a message for anything that you’d like to see posted here.   A newer Eye Tutorial will be coming out in the September, 2013 Edition of the Pyrography magazine!  (As well as a tutorial on burning water reflections.) And we now know that duck with water reflection was selected as the cover photo!

In the 2014 Edition of Pyrography (the magazine!) – there are 4 articles by Jo Schwartz to help you with some new techniques along with many other ideas. This one has a total of 47 project/Patterns included.

I do have a “surprise” that I’m working on.  I’ll be sure to post it here (and EVERYWHERE) once completed.


Tutorial: What would you like? — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Jo, Hi
    I am so highly impressed by your work. FANTASTIC indeed! I donot have words enough to appreciate your work.
    I am a small pyrographer working here in Islamabad, Pakistan. I have to make my temperature ontrolled burners myself and all the Nibs & Pens. You may like to comment on my work on facebook.
    Warm regards

    Prof. Nsir Malik

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