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My goodness, I just realized the last couple of “posts” I wrote are not in here!  (Can’t imagine what I did wrong!)

If you recall last year, I mentioned how there was an entire millvan FILLED with frozen curly fries. I wish I would have kept track of how many times they’ve been served those so far this year! No matter – they are good! (We had them served with MEATBALLS.)  I think my family can NOT make fun of my cooking anymore.

Two days ago I was toodling around in Ivan for most of the day. Took NASA/LDB people and flight crews out to Willy Field, and then after lunch drove out to the Pegasus airfield to pick up new pax coming on the big plane (C-17) from Christchurch.  On the “open road”, in 6th gear, and floored, Ivan does 25.1 mph!!! When driving up a steep incline with only a partial load of pax he did around 6 mph.  (I had a passenger with a GPS gizmo.) Ivan doesn’t even have a speedometer!

My silversmithing class is going well. Finished a turtle ring and did a simple band ring this past Thursday. I will take a photo. There are so many recreational programs to do, I haven’t had time to try ceramics! Last year I raced around trying to get it all in, PLUS teach pyrography. This year I’m doing a slower pace, and really enjoying just sitting around in the galley talking and learning from others.  We have a couple of spinners who brought down RAW wool. (Yes, you can SMELL the sheep – as though you were in the barn with it!) One gal brings hers into the galley after meals. She spins, I knit and we both watch it snow out the window! 

Time for work!


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