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Happy New Year!  I know I’m a day ahead, but figure I better say it now before a week goes by and I forget! 

HOT… it’s still HOT here – everything is still melting and slushy.  I added to the Dec/Jan photo album (Under Antarctica) some photos of 2 stuck Deltas. One was coming back from Willy Field and one was headed out to it!  Each run brings some new adventure as we try to figure out the best ‘route’.   We want COLD WEATHER… snow – blizzards – etc!

I had some time to go through photos and found a few more of the ice cave including ice crystals inside.

Even the Pressure Ridges are sinking/melting. No more recreational trips to those!  I get a kick out of looking over the sea to where I was once STANDING.  The area where I skied is also closed.

The high today is supposed to reach 37 F.  I guess I better get back to work. (I’m sort of working the dispatch desk at the moment.)

Happy New Year to everyone!


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