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Oh what a beautiful day to play softball!  Temp reached 32 degrees F, light wind and plenty of sunshine!  I was placed 3rd on the batting list, (Took a PHOTO of that list to prove it!)  and was CATCHER!  I only played 2 innings as I then had to leave and drive my Willy Field route – but I had a blast!!  The “pool” was determined by drawing out of a hat. We drew the VMF (big greasy men that fix all our vehicles) team. I figured we would be eating dust. HOWEVER…. we led the first 2 innings (then I left -cough cough) and they passed us. The final score was 14-13.  I think we all did a wonderful job.  Oh and wait until you see the photos of the ball field area!  Someone set up makeshift bleachers  – complete with a wire mesh fence for protection from foul balls. Someone else was handing out hotdogs with all the trimmings.  What a fun day. As for the equipment. We had a choice between 2 bats, and each team dropped the gloves at the position they played when heading in to bat!

It would be nice to say this happens every year, but with the weather changing so often, it’s too hard to plan so far into the future. This event was a last minute thought – and the weather cooperated for a change!

Also with this HOT day came more melting at the transition. I drove a van this morning and then voluntarily decided to switch into a delta for the rest of the runs.

This morning at 11:00, LDB was able to get their 2nd balloon launched. You could still see it – although it was tiny – several hours later.  That made many people happy as now they can try to get home for Christmas.


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