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The weather – being so balmy and warm (at times reaching 30 F) has made a few people on station think of outdoor sports! We have an area where large equipment, plus our 3 Airporters are parked known as “The BallPark”.  Back when the Navy still owned/ran this station, they would have baseball games in that very location. We now will be re-enacting that with our new modern version of Antarctica Ball!

Of course there will be a Shuttle Driver’s Team. We held our first practice last night 7:00 PM, after my 12 hour day of work. (The temperature also dropped down to 9 degrees. ) I was lucky and could fit my gloved hand INSIDE the baseball glove. PERFECT FIT!!!  My throwing arm is still the same as back in high school. (I throw like a girl, no distance, and no real control!!!)  HOWEVER, I made up for that in my batting!!! I hit perhaps 9 out of 10 pitches that came my way. High, low, inside, outside – I would swing and connect!!!!  My YOUNG cohorts were duly impressed.   (We have our first game next sunday. The “coach” said he was going to talk to our supervisor about getting me off – at least for the game as we needed a hitter!!!)  Let’s hope the other team’s pitcher is as slow as ours !!!!!

Back to weather issues:  We were scheduled to have 2 planes land yesterday, but neither made it. The first one was CLOSE to McMurdo when it was ‘boomaranged’ due to the bad weather already at the Willy Airfield. The 2nd plane soon followed with a cancel.  The AGAP people are still going nuts – chomping at the bit to get to their projects.  The LDB launch (Long Duration Balloon) has been through several “almost launches” – for over a week now.   And the TRANSITION is soupy – we’ll be full time in deltas any day now!  The “JoJo Falls” area along the transition has beautiful waterfalls created from all the melting snow ‘further up the hill’.  Back home you have the “aaah moments’ when tulips and other spring flowers pop through the snow. I had to laugh the other day as I drove along and said: “oh… the first ROCKS of summer.”  These are in the areas that were level and all white with snow!  Also, instead of seeing rabbit tracks and other small animal prints along the snowy mountain sides, we see “rock prints”…. When frozen rocks pops free of the ice, they slide down the hillside, sometimes at an odd angle – not straight down, but a little sideways.  It’s good to know when the “little critters” are about – especially through the rock slide area of our route to Willy Field!  Last year I had to STOP for a rock slide. Most of the time they are smaller rocks, but occasionally big ones come barreling down.Roblox Hack Free Robux

Time for me to do laundry. This is my day off – and so far it looks like I can lounge around!!


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