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I can’t believe how quickly each day is passing again. 24 hours is not enough down here to get anything done! (Besides work)

Yesterday I met a scientist from Germany. He is helping do the AGAP aerial survey. Turns out he is from HANOVER, GERMANY. (I was born in Hanover, Kansas!) He is stranded at McMurdo due to weather conditions, and is getting anxious to get started on his work.  It is tough for scientists and groups who come down for a specified – limited time frame when the weather won’t cooperate!

Speaking of weather – I’ve seen more “ice fog” so far this year than I saw the entire time I was here last season. I think it would make a wonderful ‘setting’ for a horror movie.  The cloud moves slowly and almost in a line. I could see one row of airplanes, but not the 2nd row.  Within seconds I couldn’t see the first row either!  We had a “condition two” called for about 45 minutes just because the cloud was so thick you couldn’t see to drive in it.  (Yep-  I was driving in it, so can give first hand experience in the visibility thing!)

Hello McKinley School!  Thank you for the emails. I will be answering your questions as soon as I can.

We did receive word that the Oden (ice crusher) will be coming in around Jan 15. The sea ice has not started to melt yet, at least not around this area.  We do have a few seals that have come to give birth. Still waiting on the Adelie penguins!

Sorry to be brief- but I’m off to drive IVAN the Terra Bus for the 0530 Shuttle run to Willy Air Field!


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