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I have made history on this first day of December, 2008 by CLIMBING Observation Hill for the first time! I spent lots of time last year LOOKING – OBSERVING it, but never made the actual ascent.  This morning it was sunny and above 0 degrees so I had no excuse.  Another shuttle driver (Jen) who oddly enough, LIKES climbing mountains, agreed to get me safely to the top and down. 

This MOUNTAIN is famous in history because the Explorer Scott , would have his men climb this hill all the time to watch for ships.

I hesitate to point out that I’m not exactly the ‘athletic type’, but if I am to tell of the journey-  I probably have to confess to my complaining within the first 5 minutes of PAIN!  Or was it lack of Oxygen?  I can’t remember the exact height of the climb when my thighs decided they didn’t like it.  Jen let me lead so I could set my own pace. (Poor thing could of run UP the hill and back down several times while waiting on me to do ONCE!)  … yeah… she’s also 10 years YOUNGER. 

Ob Hill is nothing but a giant pile of rocks, most of which have broken apart so you can slip and slide at any moment.  Knowing her love of the sport, I tried to keep my opinions about stupid mountain climbers to myself. (But I thought them.) She was beneficial in calling out the areas where I needed to “hug the rocks”. I would pause, look up and say “NOW which way?”  Sometimes I couldn’t tell where the supposed TRAIL was.  I pretended to stop and blow my nose A LOT just to rest a minute and take in the view. (Of course the higher we climbed, the more I had to HUG THE ROCKS for fear of falling down!)

The descent was actually okay.  I loved that part of it.  I kept my eyes DOWN at my feet  – looking out over the horizon made me dizzy, so I didn’t look.  Piece of cake!!! I then walked back to my dorm building feeling great, until I remembered I would have to CLIMB STAIRS to get to my room!  (I thought a few more colorful comments about mountain climbers as I used the handrail to haul myself up the flight!)  Now I’ve been sitting in this chair for too long typing and loading the photos … (NEW ALBUM – ANTARTCTICA…scroll down to Dec-Jan folder!)  PROOF that I did it!  

Jen says next Monday we will hike to Castle Rock.  7 miles.  Sure, no problem.   


(Unless I’m still sitting in this chair – unable to get up.)


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