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It’s a typical McMurdo summer day down here. Let me QUOTE from the weather page.

Pretty much a horrible day weather-wise as a massive system pressing from West Antarctica pounds the tar out of the area…

We have Condition ONE and TWO all over the area so no one is venturing out! But it’s beautiful!!!! Yesterday there was almost no snow left on the roads and today I wake up with everything WHITE again!  It’s hard to guess how many inches of snow due to the blowing and drifting.  All I can say is I almost didn’t make it up the hill to work. The wind and snow was blowing so hard, I was STOPPED in my tracks – and even blown/slid back down a little.  (That of course made me start laughing as I waved my arms back and forth trying to not fall. I did not!!!)

Yesterday morning I volunteered in the Galley. I worked with Marcie (A gal who was inspired by my blog last year, and ended up getting hired to cook this year!)  No onion chopping for me this time. I was upgraded to chopping frozen bacon slices! When I had this HUGE pan filled, I got to move onto ‘breaking down’ the turkeys that will be served tomorrow for our Thanksgiving feast!  I explained to Marcie that when I cook a turkey – the wings FALL off. (These things were only partially cooked, so still gobbled as I tried to remove the legs and wings.) I can only assume Hannibal got his start by doing labor like this. It was gross.  I believe there were 35 whole turkeys and “tons” of turkey breasts that will be used to feed our little gang of around 950 people.

Late in the afternoon, the C-17 was due to make a quick landing, pick up 44 pax and take off for Christchurch before this weather rolled in.  It took 2 deltas and 1 van to get the people out.

I’m actually at work now.
The road crews are heading out to open the way to Willy Field as the NASA people need to get out there.  I volunteered to drive!  We have to hurry while there is a small open window in the storms.  Time to warm up Ivan  – and get my ECW gear on! 

Hope your holiday travels are less exciting….!


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