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The entire station is pretty much closed down today to celebrate Thanksgiving. The weather turned bad yesterday and is continuing again today!  On my down time, I gathered up more photos to post!

***Photos are found under “ANTARCTICA” … scroll down to current album – which is October/November 2008.

The first new one added is of myself and Bill Sunde (Abilene’s finest shuttle drivers). We braved the condition 2 storm to stand at the McMurdo sign. The snow had let up – but NOT the wind. Luckily there were some other ‘crazy people’ out – so we could get a photo showing both of us here. 

Somewhere in the new photos added is the LC-130 with the 8 bladed props.  The other photos are of the ‘local scenery’!!  I’ve discovered if you click on a photo in the album and use the “next” buttons to look – any description I have added will be visible.  When you view them “as a slideshow” – those descriptions are not seen.

This morning I met a ‘driller’. He will be going to the top of Mt. Erebus to drill holes for blasting. (I actually said YIKES to that.) He explained that they have little charges set all over – that will be ‘read’ using the blast waves as a way to draw a diagram of what is underneath Erebus. They hope to find out the plumbing of this old gal! (Not THIS old gal – the volcano old gal.)

And last but not least, I must tell of another menu item that made me go ‘hmmmm’.  Spaghetti with pork-n-beans in it.  Call me old fashioned, but I like mine with MEAT BALLS.  I think CARE PACKAGES are now something I might consider!  (just kidding!!! – I am still adventurous and try whatever they toss my way!)


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jo! Dino told me you were in Antartica. Good to see you writing to the IAPA group at uniting_pyrographers.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one–I’m not sure how to interpret what you wrote about it. Does that mean good???
    Yours is the third connection I’ve known to Antartica. That’s hard for me to even imagine. My Dad’s friend Alvie Pockrob (sp?) used to go there–I don’t know where he is now, as my Dad passed away in 1999 so we’ve lost touch. My daughter Jessica works in documentary film in France, and she knew the team who filmed the penguins film. You’re a brave woman! I enjoyed seeing your gallery. All the best,

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