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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last updated here. The days are running together, and many of us are experiencing the “what day of the week is this?” syndrome.  We remember the DATE, but not the day. Weird.

Okay – onto McMurdo news. It’s HOT here. Yesterday was +14 F, and the forecast is for a high of +16 F today!! The snow is melting rapidly at these temps, with the ensuing RIVERS running throughout McMurdo. I think it’s more dangerous to walk around in the slop-goo-slush, than on snow/ice.  And when everything is UP HILL on this little island, you can watch people sliding all the time!  I stood beside one of the culverts yesterday, listening to the gurgling sounds of water running. Someone asked what I was doing, and I replied that I was pretending it was a “babbling brook”!  We do need to give credit to the Fleet Ops men and women who dig out the ditches – and also “grade” the roads to direct the flows. It doesn’t always work as mother nature likes to throw in a few twists and turns, but they know where some of the major rivers appear, and had the grooves cut, right before the melting began!

I see that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We will wait to celebrate it this weekend. Most people will have Saturday and Sunday off. (A TREAT to have 2 days in a row.) I won’t.  I get to work Sunday, and have signed up to work in the Galley on Thursday morning.

Last night I attended a “travelogue” of a man who sailed from Thailand to Egypt. You know where the pirates are wreaking havoc now? He did this trip in 2001 (I think), and encountered some trouble. The “thugs” shot holes all over his sailboat, and 2 men were about to board when he fired his shotgun, “they fell down”, and he has no idea what happened except that he got away. Usually when people are sharing stories of their travels, it is carefree and tropical!

Wow… time to eat and be on my way to work!


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