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Newsworthy…. we are testing an 8 prop (vs 4) on a C130 now.  I will get a photo to show you what it looks like.  The design enables the plane to have that extra “oomph” to take off in the snow. (The current C130’s use tanks of ATA or some call it JATA –  like little rockets- to get the plane up.) Those tanks are almost used up now, and it will be very expensive to make more. Also if a 4 prop gets damage to ONE – the entire unit must be replaced. The new design allows for the individual prop to be replaced. BIG savings in time and cost.  The new props are also quieter – and have less vibration.

 The designer is down here with the pilots to watch it perform.  It had done beautifully all the way down, but when it tried to get to the South Pole, some seals started leaking at -47 degrees F.  Not good. He was very, very sad.  However, that’s why we test things!  His concept is right on – and only needs some work on the seals.

Speaking of flying – I also met a Helicopter pilot from Bulgaria. He shared his reasons for leaving his homeland, but I won’t post it.  He’s a very nice person, and we’re lucky to have him!

I almost forgot to tell about my ring making class. It began this past Thursday night. So far I have my “idea” drawn out and will begin working on the project this week.  It runs 5 weeks (or until my money runs out!) hahaha… just kidding!

Time has begun to run together for me now. I have to go back to the “cookie day” way of looking at things. “Did it happen BEFORE or AFTER cookie day?” I think the 24 hr sunlight DOES affect people. (Or the 12 hour work day followed with a 3-6 hour tour makes for little sleep time.) I didn’t sign up for any this week!

FOOD, we should discuss food. I hate to say anything negative about the hardworking people down here, so I will delicately say the menu is NOT like last year.  I have pretty much gone to “soup of the day” at each meal. (And the soup of the day is made from the STUFF we wouldn’t eat YESTERDAY.)  As an example: One “soup’s” ingredients: Sweet potatoes, Cranberries, and Onions.  (Had a Heebie-Jeebie thinking about it!) Then I had to use a knife to cut my red jello. My tablemates had an enjoyable time watching me chew and chew and chew. There was NO fruit in it. Just plain jello. So, more times than not, I resort to FROSTY BOY as my main course. (Frosty Boy is not really ice cream, but with enough hot fudge, nuts and sprinkles – it certainly passes for it!)


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