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Aaah… it feels great to sleep in.  My little eyes didn’t open until 0800. (We won’t mention that I sort of worked an hour and 1/2 at 0430 to fill in for another driver, and THEN went back to bed!)

My laundry is started and I can play catch up on the computer. There are always interesting people to meet down here.  One of the latest was “Butch the Bomber”. His real name is Butch, and that is really what he does! In fact, he is pretty darn good at blowing things up. He was hired to plant the dynamite in precise areas with precise amounts needed to take out whatever ground needs taking out! (We are always leveling something around here for another building or fuel storage tank.  Hats off to Butch who has been doing a PRECISE and safe job of blowing up frozen ground without damaging any other surrounding buildings or people!  “Fire in the Hole” …. (They really do say that after the countdown!)

My next interesting person is “Ildy” (I pronounce it “eel -dee”)  She is from Hungary and is our “Barber/Hair stylist”.  I know you’re wondering HOW in the world she was hired to cut hair at McMurdo. She moved first to Canada – (to live with a daughter) then to Denver (to live with a daughter).   …..I plan to do that very thing (move in with a daughter) –  however, I need the 3 of them to move to some exotic locations so I have interesting places to live!   She was on one of my Ice Cave tours, and is thinking she might want to be a SHUTTLE DRIVER next year!

Oh… the “company” who will take over Raytheon’s job of contract labor for National Science Foundation was not finalized. We have ‘bidders’ from several companies down here doing “walk arounds” now. It looks like about 2 dozen or more people – in little groups taking notes, and photos- talking with whoever will talk to them to get an idea of how much it may take to run something like this!  The rumor mill says Raytheon is putting a bid in again, too.

That should do it for now!


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  1. Very interesting! I’m not sure what I think about the blowing up stuff … but I’ll keep my thoughts to myself, smile!

    AND very cute with the “living with my daughters” part. That made me laugh out loud a little … cuz I just can’t wait!!

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