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Shackleton was an explorer who ALMOST beat Scott. He was within 96 or 97 miles of the South Pole and knew if he continued on- all would die because they didn’t have enough food and fuel to return.  He did get his party safely back and wrote a book about his experiences. His descendants are trying to reenact that journey. They began a few days ago – walking (pulling) sleds using the very compass Shackleton used! I have some photos.  I’ll have to get them posted.

Okay… back to yesterday! It was a LONG day for me. The C-17 left Christchurch late – which meant it would touch down at Pegasus airfield late.  (Of course I would have to volunteer to work it!)  I finally crawled into my little bed at 10:45 PM.  The 4:00 AM alarm was not a welcome sound, however I do get to drive IVAN so that gives me the little ‘boost’ to get going!


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