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I’m not working today – but am up…. and doing laundry. 

Last night, one of my roommates was attacked by a skua as she walked from our dorm to the library entrance! Of the 4 in my room, I am the ‘experienced’ one.  And I do remember telling them – IN DETAIL – what happens when skuas are around and you try to carry food outside!  She had to learn the hard way!

I don’t get to go back to work until Saturday morning – my supervisor is making sure I take plenty of time to get over this “crud” before heading back to work. (I’m not a good patient. I’m here to be OUT and ABOUT, not lie in bed coughing and hacking!)  When I do get out again, I will be sure to update you all with new photos of the skuas!  Hopefully, I can find the ‘nest’ again.  (Remember McMurdo is basically a pile of rocks, and the skuas build their nests out of a pile of rocks! You have to be in the right place at the right time to see them sitting!)


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