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It was bound to happen sooner or later. (Last year it was later – and only the FLU.) I came down with the “local crud” that circulates Antarctica. It’s a vicious, mutant form of “the cold”. I noticed at 10:00 AM it stung to swallow cranberry juice. By supper time, the nose had joined in. I was able to enjoy SEEING every 2 hours last night as the sore throat spray wore off and I would have to redo!  I haven’t tried my voice yet this morning to see if I have one.  Next, should be some excellent coughing – that will linger until February! (Always good to have a goal!)

As for weather. WOW! We have had 2 great days of “teens” – sweater weather to some of us. It doesn’t take much for the sun to heat up all this lava rock and make the snow melt. I had to pick my way down the hill from work last night to keep out of the little streams developing on their own. Fleet Ops had begun on Saturday the process of gouging out ditches in preparation of this. (The ditches are currently plugged with snow.)  

We are a location of extremes. Once the snow melts on the roads, it immediately becomes dust. So they take the snow from the ditches and spread it over the roads to melt, which slows down the amount of dust raised by all the traffic!  So far, the snow roads are okay.  We’d like to stay in vans a little longer!  I can’t imagine why people don’t want to climb into the Delta’s all the time.

I’m off to take my alka-seltzer cold tabs!


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  1. …I’m sick too … sore throat … you must have gotten sick because you sensed that one of your own was ill. What a good mother you are!!

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