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It does take time to get used to being AHEAD of all my family and friends.  We are all waiting – to hear the latest news on how the votes are going. Down here – I would venture to guess the majority are for Obama.

Back to yesterday.  It started out cold, and by golly – it ended even COLDER! I believe the temperature was – 39 F. (10 degrees colder than at the SOUTH POLE!!!)  I kept telling myself – as I was checking the fluids on my van – how lucky I was to be down here enjoying the brisk winds and cooler temperatures! I would have to describe it as a ‘biting cold’.

Today I will be “Guiding” another group of people from McMurdo to the Ice Cave!!!! Well, I should say TONIGHT. We won’t leave until I’m off my regular 12 hour shift.  I didnt’ get a chance to view the photos I took on my Monday night trip. 

I just realized it’s COOKIE DAY! 

Yesterday I met 2 Norwegians who are doing their own South Pole Traverse. I didn’t catch a lot of what they said – because of the accent.  I guess they are resting up for a couple of days in McM before heading off.  I am assuming they will follow OUR flagged route – and be about a week or 2 behind our team. 

Sorry no time to write more – but I must have breakfast before starting my 0530 shift!


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  1. I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Obama won!!!! Hooray!!!! His speech was awesome – I hope you got (or get) to hear it. Love ya!

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