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My goodness- it looks like a little change in the weather.  We have a plethora of high clouds and CRISP easterly winds.  It was very cold yesterday (my FIRST official day off) – as I worked (my volunteer job) as a cave guide!  I haven’t checked the photos as it was around 10:30 PM when we got back to McMurdo.  I’m scheduled to ‘volunteer’ again on Wednesday night after my 12 hour shift.  I probably won’t get home until midnight on that one.

Yes – the cave does change from day to day.  Even the outside – the snow is drifting differently, giving a fresh new look!  The best part …. I was the FIRST one in. The nice PATH that had been shoveled for our TRAINING was ‘wiped clear’. I had to remember (or guess?) the route in. There is a ‘pond’ along that route. Sometimes it is frozen over. Last night it was mushy.  I then explained to my first group of 6 how I would be dropping down the ‘chute’, and they should follow – leaving a little bit of time in between for the other person to get up and out of the way.  Everyone loves it inside.  (Including me.)  I did 2 groups – totalling about 25 minutes INSIDE and then switched with another person so I could go outside and ‘warm up’!!!!

I will look through the photos and post when I can!


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