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Now I begin my final preparataions for heading down to the ice. Again I stress DOWN. South Pole. Antarctica!!! I’m HEADING TO ANTARCTICA – – – AGAIN!!!

My suitcase is out. Although the items in it will be stored in ChristChurch, New Zealand – awaiting my return OFF “the ice” and adventures along the route home :). I will have a small book-bag size backpack to carry all items needed for the 4 – 5 days it takes to travel down. This bag must make it through all carry on container sizes; not have more than the alloted 3oz. bottles of liquids. (shampoo-etc. – and all liquids including lip gloss – must fit in the tiny zippered plastic bag!

In the earlier shipped boxes – during my CALM – COOL – COLLECTED time, I packed all items needed for the 5 months. Now – during my OMG, I’M ABOUT TO HEAD TO ANTARCTICA time, I am frantically trying to pack extra, you know – – in case I run out of something!

I ran across this quote to share:

“Travel, like war, has a way of unveiling the truth about a man. For it is only when we choose to exist outside of our comfort zone, when we uproot ourselves from all that we know and place ourselves in situations that are completely foreign to our experience, that we get to see who it is that we really are.” -Adam Cayton – Holland.

🙂 I’m off to see who I am!


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  1. Hey Jo,

    I wish you all the best! Yours is truly an adventure! And I completely agree with your quote – very good.

    I’ve been many places, but I think Antarctica would be a true adventure; and completely foreign to most of our experiences.

    Have a good adventure!


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