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Last night I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I quickly ate dinner and went straight to bed.  Slept from 7 pm until 5 am!!!!  I think I needed that.

Yes… it SNOWED yesterday – made for my first ‘blind’ drive out to the LDB site (Long Duration Balloon – and where NASA does all their work, including launching those HUGE balloons with “payloads” to circle the earth a few times before landing it right where they want it!)  As I drove, I reflected back to LAST year during this type of weather.  I was in a slight panic – thinking I might’ve gotten in WAAAAAY over my head!  This year, well— I smiled and waited for my ‘next flag’ to come into view!!!   Working 2 years is certainly better than only one!!!

Yesterday afternoon during a ‘quiet’ time in the office, 6 of us went on a tour of the Crary Science lab. This time the info that caught my ear – was the fact that penguins can dive for up to 40 minutes and return with literally ZERO oxygen in their bodies.  Their NORMAL dive times are 3 – 8 minutes, but they have recorded some of the longer times.  The scientists have a controlled area where they do this study – using the penguins who have not mated.  Each are tagged and have little computers attached that show how long and how deep they swim. They even have a little ‘bridge’ set up that the penguins must cross to get into and out of the water.  It is a scale – so now they know how much each weighs before and after eating.

One scientist invited us to come and volunteer as a dive assistant on our days off. I’m thinking about it.  I wish one of them would’ve invited us to help out at Mt. EREBUS!!!!  There is a live web cam  on top of Mt. Erebus – but it is run on solar power.  It is just now ‘reviving’ after the winter darkness.  Pretty soon it will be at full capacity and we will be able to sit in the warm Crary lab to watch it!  They  have tons of clippings saved from previous explosions. We viewed a few.  The Erebus crystals are formed when the lava gets to cool slow enough for the minerals to ‘do their thing’.  The huge airy ‘bombs’ are formed when the explosion sends them hurling far enough that rapid cooling occurs.  Again, there are only 2 places in the world that have this mineral type make up of crystals. The other is in Kenya. 

I did get to the aquarium section, and now have another SEA SPIDER photo!  This guide didn’t let us hold it.   One of them is TWICE the size I held last year. I had my photo taken with my head beside it. I’ll have to get that posted on here!  (soon – very soon).
But for now… time to eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day)…. I NEED all that energy to get me through the mornings!!!  (What do I eat?  CHEERIOS -with a scoop of granola added- and a muffin!)  Along with TWO glasses of water.  I am being very good at drinking two glasses at EACH MEAL… plus extra in between!   
…off to breakfast….


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