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Well – it looks like we may get a little SNOW today. (hahaha)

Yesterday was a long one for me.  I volunteered to help out with some late airfield activity.  We’ve had a C-17 waiting on a repair part – (which was coming in on a Kiwi plane – referred to as “P-3”) I don’t know WHY their plane is called that  – I would assume the C in C-17 is for cargo.  If anyone knows these answers – feel free to post here for all! 

I picked up the flight crew for our C-17 and took them out to Pegasus Airfield, so they could begin warming the plane.  I was able to use an “Airporter” since the snow is somewhat firm.  The pilots actually applauded my driving skill! There’s a long section of ‘road’ that is full of drifts and ruts, of which I had to turn the steering wheel left and right continuously to keep the vehicle going straight! They commented on the workout one gets driving here.  It is extremely hard to fall asleep at the wheel on this route! 

After dropping them off at their plane,  I waited for about an hour for the P-3 to land.  (Turns out that plane was carrying not only the “PART”…. but 3 people to make the repair!)  What I do know, is that it was the first time I had to cross/drive through the RUNWAY.  Thank goodness this is not a busy airport!  It still was intimidating. I kept glancing around the sky – just to make sure some rogue plane wasn’t trying to come in on my head!

It took another hour for this P-3 crew to shut down and ‘winterize’ for the night.  I drove them to Scott base. Then I headed back to McMurdo. It was 10:00 PM when I walked into my dorm room!

I did take some photos while out at Pegasus Airfield. I will go check now to see if I have any worth posting!

Oh… Thank you Kim – for posting a better LINK on the “websites to check” post a couple of days ago. It’s good to know people are reading!  (and HELPING!!!)


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