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I can’t believe Halloween is almost here!  Everyone around here is buzzing with anticipation of the big halloween party and seeing what costumes people will come up with.  I posted some pretty ‘unusual’ characters on last year’s site. I plan to attend this one – WITH CAMERA in hand. (I’m not going in costume.) I do love dressing up, but simply HATE carrying any extra pounds in luggage!

I should’ve kept track of how many days it snows here.  I think we’ve only had about 3 so far with none.  That reminds me of how dangerous all that snow can be on the mountain/hill between here and Scott Base.  There are no guard rails, and I watched a ‘situation’ unfold before my very eyes yesterday.  The ending was happy, and I was able to get my vehicle stopped.  (But if you see a HUGE Challenger with TRACKS, sliding- and you are driving a vehicle with SMOOTH tires. Well…. let’s just say it was a tense moment or two!!!)   I did calmly radio back to the office… “if someone wants a ride to Scott Base – say no until further notice!”  (Insert one of those ‘winky smiles’!)

Time to start my day.  We will be going on our typical shifts starting Monday.  I have the 5:30 Am – 5:30 PM shift!!!!  HIP-HIP-Hooray!


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