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I almost forgot to include the websites given to me by a couple of teachers. They are down here doing research and are able to do live feeds back to some inner city kids.  They wrote down (in my little “green brain”) information about how you and students can download some information – or simply follow along with what is happening.  The one lady was from the Andrill project.

I haven’t gone to these sites yet – so you may have to navigate around a bit to find the information. I will type it out as they wrote it in my notebook.  Good luck – let me know what you find. I believe they will only be here a few more weeks, so if you have questions – ask now and allow me some time to locate them again!


Global Nomads – video conference  www.gng.org    OFFSHORE NEW HARBOR PROJECT

Mrs. Shakira Petit and Andrea Balbas, Geologist were the 2 teachers.

You can also google : ICE STORIES and should find more on what they are doing.


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