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Well.. yesterday was Italian day – meaning I was sent out to Pegasus airfield to ‘sit’ with 20 Italians who were passing through.  They flew in on our C-17 and were waiting on helicopters to take them onto their station.  I was better prepared this year as I have a friend from Italy (Hi Gino) who was helping me learn Italian before I returned!  He will be pleased to know I was able to introduce myself as their guide – point out the restroom, and when I left saying “Arrivederci” – they all shouted it back with a “bella guida”.  If ever any Romanians pass through – I have another friend (Hi Dimitru) ready and willing to help! 

After work last night, I spent a great deal of time going through my photos, and ‘shrinking’ them in size so I could post here. (We still have to watch our bandwidth – and if a photo size is too large, it will time out the server.)  The ice cave photos are incredible just from the standpoint that I never LOOK at the camera – I simply AIM and SHOOT!  And when outside – it was so bright, I couldn’t see anything on the screen.

You now can look at Scott’s Discovery Hut at McMurdo – Cape Evans Hut, which is further ‘up the coast’, and the Ice Cave located in the “Glacial Tongue” of Mt. Erebus!!! 

The shuttle driver’s have scheduled an outing this Friday night – back to Cape Evans and the ice caves! This will be for the new drivers who have not had the chance to see these things. (Plus it gives more practice time to the TOUR GUIDES!)  I really feel I’ve had enough experience with DIGGING OUT a stuck delta. (I know the photo shows me standing INSIDE the cab. I’m sure I must’ve gotten out later.)  It was a perfect time to point ahead and yell “MUSH, you huskies”….. (then duck back inside the cab to avoid flying snowballs!)

I did include some photos of what all gets taken on an excursion like to Cape Evans.  The one photo is of Bill Sunde (also from Abilene!) passing the “HUMAN WASTE” buckets up to me in the back of a delta. There are strong rumors that NEXT YEAR no one will be allowed to relieve himself out on the ice shelf. Men (and women) will have to carry and use the P bottles. (photo also included!)  We had towing ropes for the 2 sleds holding our survival tents. We had 53 people on this outing – and we had to pack and carry enough food and gear to last a couple of days should anything go wrong. Having the sleds pull the gear made for more room inside. Of course SHOVELS are a must – as was the 2 sheets of plywood to stick under the tires as an aid to getting out of the extremely mushy, slushy, bottomless snow!   All of that emphasized how rugged these first explorers had to be. We were exhausted after one day of sludging through. And most of tour trip was FLAT.  I can’t imagine trying to climb these glaciers or the Transantarctic mountain range.

Time to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer. I don’t have to go in until 0730 this morning so got up early to do my laundry.


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