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….How nice that your birthday falls on COOKIE DAY down here!  I will have a chocolate chip cookie in your honor.

Yesterday – was another windy, cold day.  I spent the majority of it training others.  The morning was spent showing courier duties and locations, the afternoon I ‘supervised’ – or was backup for the new drivers, who were “training” newer drivers!  The afternoon was harder, as I had to stand around in the cold observing (and getting cold) while the others actually worked on checking out the vehicles.  The sky did clear, allowing for some beautiful views around McMurdo.

Several of us are feeling the jet lag or time change or something, as we can barely make it until 8:00 Pm before crawling into bed!  My roommates are the same way.  We all have different duties down here, yet were all yawning at the same time and ready for sleep!

Today will be more training. Tonight, will be more training on Hut Tours.  
I am READY to get on a more normal schedule.


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