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Tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s birthday!  She dropped me a note to say she has a sunburn. That reminded me of my “frozen buns” of the other day. They really were ‘damaged’ – I have been applying lotion to the frozen areas.  Another 10 minutes and I may have had to go to medical over it!

I was having dinner with a South Pole worker (or Polie as we lovingly refer to them) and he told of his working conditions. He works with pipes. There are tunnels UNDER the south pole station where they run conduits, electrical lines and other various miscellaneous pipes, & tubes. Those tunnels are 40 FEET below the station.   In the SUMMER (like now) the average temperature INSIDE a tunnel is -50.  Stressing INSIDE the tunnel – MINUS 50 F.) Hey! – but NO WIND!!!   In the winter, it can be -80. My friend said there were a couple of times when he walked a great distance to where the work was needed and be so cold – he had to turn back to warm up!   

Last year I spoke with someone who explained how they take group photos in those tunnels. As with any cold area, when you exhale – you get that POOF of breath. They have to coordinate the EXHALE – hold it….. wait for the POOF to lift and disappear, then CLICK! 

Enjoy your day!  (I’m at -9 windchill and a little snow.)


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