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It helps to be an early riser – so I can get to the washing machines before anyone else gets up. I now have clean clothes to wear again!!

We were served a delicious Brunch today – everything you can think of was on the buffet lines. (Including fresh pineapple and cantelope!)  At 1300 (1:00 PM for you civilians) the shuttles crew was going to sneak over to Scott Base to the store. Shuttles aren’t officially running yet, so this was a quiet – unannounced trip!  Wouldn’t you know it. We had a Condition 2 storm going on for most of the afternoon and had to cancel.  Down here the storms are rated 1, 2 and 3 being “NORMAL”.  When it is Condition ONE… NO ONE moves. Whatever building you’re in when it’s called is where you stay until it’s over.  Condition 2 requires checking out with the Fire House before leaving McMurdo so in the event something major happens, they know where everyone is. We couldn’t very well sneak out of town if we had to RADIO IN to tell what we were up to!

So I walked around again – just to enjoy the cold and blowing snow.  (Then I took a nap.)  Hey, it’s only been a week since arriving – and I am still adjusting to the new time zone, so need lots of rest!  About 1/2 of the shuttles team will be heading into work at 0730 tomorrow -the rest will come in at 1030 and work later!  Any day now we should find out the first regular schedules.  I will feel better when I can set a routine.  I think we have 4 more shuttle drivers coming at the end of the month. 2 are returnees, and 2 are new so we’ll have to do the trainings all over again.


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