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Today won’t be AS cold.  It’s calm and -4 F – but expected to get windy and change that to a -18F! I’m back in my wind pants, so it can blow all it wants now.

Let’s see, I have to reflect back to yesterday. The day was packed with more training for me – me training others and a few other various duties.  The office is really buzzing with the 4 returning drivers from last year.  I believe there are only 6 new out of 18. 

The morning started out fine – COLD but no wind – and a light snow. I love it when it snows. There’s just something “right” about working in snow down here.  It didn’t last long, but made the start of my day enjoyable!

With the budget cuts, the courier position was eliminated this season. We shuttle drivers are always trying to help out when able, so I, Geoff and Bob spent 2 hours learning the route and pickup spots.  After we get the hang of it, we will train the others.  My afternoon was spent in training “volunteer drivers” on the Vans and Airporters, so they can work the “American Night” and Sunday afternoon runs to Scott Base. 

This morning I have a Safety Committee Meeting at 0730, so will get to work a little late.  We all will have Sunday OFF again – and then start in on Monday with some semblance of a normal schedule.  I absolutely have to get my laundry going – I’m out of everything!


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