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Yesterday I was a little complacent with my dressing. (Meaning I opted for long undies under my JEANS and not the issued wind pants.) I paid for that!  The weather turned a little less than optimal early in the morning.  Just as a glycol spill was noted.  Which meant – we shuttle drivers, who are avid watchers of any pollutants, grabbed a shovel and several plastic bags to clean that up and have it disposed of properly.

The wind was howling – and the windchill was -49.  (MINUS 49.) In that instance SHOVELING is the best job as you can stay warmer!  No… I didn’t get that one- I had the job of trying to hold a plastic bag down- and open, so the shoveler could put the pink snow into it!  I had my black face mask on as this is the type of weather that freezes skin quickly.   With my back to the wind, I was bent over for my task. This allowed a certain area of my body to not be fully protected.  It took us ONE HOUR to clean up the spots. By that time my thighs and ‘you-know-what’ were extremely cold.  (Like almost frozen!)  We even took a warm up break inside a running vehicle midway through our task.   Today – I have my windpants back on. (insert wise smile.)

The rest of the day I spent as a volunteer taxi driver – so anyone who didn’t want to walk far in the cold, could get a warm ride!

Another C-17 landed last night about supper time. With all the new people needing experience, I didn’t have to work that one.  There should be 4 more shuttle drivers from last year arriving on it! 

I’m off to check the web to see how the debate went.


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  1. Jo,

    I love all the pics and the Blog….Do not stop writing. This sure is addictive reading. Stay safe and warm and most of all have fun.

    (Acorn) Matt from the woodburner

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