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Who couldn’t wake up early today in anticipation of our FIRST COOKIE DAY!

PHOTOS:  I have new photos!  I will post them in the Antarctica Photo Album.  There will be one of me standing ‘near’ a C-17. These are the BIG BOYS who don’t have skis and MUST land on the hard packed white ice of Pegasus airfield. (Since we are not using the Ice Runway just outside of McMurdo this year.)

One is showing cargo being unloaded.  Anyone care to guess what the red, domed shaped items are?  Also note the giant SLED that is used.  

Next are photos taken as I drove BACK to McMurdo. Normally, I like to stop and take them, but I wanted to beat the fog, too!  Oh – ICE FOG. I was taking photos of ICE FOG that was rolling in. I was again mentoring a new shuttle driver on the duties of taking pax (passengers) to a departing C-17.  The weather people called to say… ‘uh-oh’… and we all had to hurry to move up the departure from McMurdo so the plane could get out before getting stranded.  You can see the fog at the left of the photos, and I captured it rolling into/over McMurdo.  I also was headed right INTO it!   Pretty awesome to see things disappear!

I took the Hut Guide training. Now I can officially lead tours to the Discovery Hut, Cape Evans, and Cape Royds.  The New Zealand Heritage group was there to stress the importance of preserving these historical spots.  (We also have to be sure and point out to potential tour-takers that the Discovery hut is full of asbestos, and another site had dead anthrax spores in the hay bales. Things that make ya go … hmmmmmmm.)

Last night after supper I went to the Outdoor Safety Lecture.  Now I can do some of the walking trails – if I want.  Afterwards- it was straight to bed for me.

………heading off now to enjoy cookie day – will be waiting to smell them baking in the galley.

OHOHOH…. and last night I finally met Marci – the gal I helped get a job down here!  She was following my blog last year and emailed me for help.  So far she is having a great time.


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