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Good morning. It’s now  5:00 AM in McMurdo. I’m up – dressed and ready to roll. (Except no one has to show up for work until 7:30 AM.)

Yesterday …. was beautiful – and “crisp”. I don’t know if my hearing is better down here or what – but the sound of crunching snow under my boots seems twice as loud!  I love to walk around listening to my own steps.  Again, it’s snowy and slippery so many have taken a fall (or 3 – I won’t mention any names, B.S.)

I spent the morning labeling the handheld radios – making sure each team member has one – and then extras for the BACK of each Delta. (Since pax sit in the back – and driver is seperate in the front cab – we are nice and hand out radios in case they need to contact the driver for anything.

The afternoon was spent out at Pegasus Runway. (The airfield approx. 20 miles out in the COLD, white ice, continually frozen, continually BLOWING area!) The C-17 was bringing in more “ice people”, and my van (I was training a new driver, so he actually drove.) was carrying 6 pax that were heading home. They had been here as “winterovers”  I can’t imagine living here through the winter – and all that darkness.

One of the pax was a Kiwi (from New Zealand) and she had been studying things “under the ice” all winter.  Drilling deep holes – dropping down equipment to take readings.  It’s very hard for me to understand their ‘accent’ – so I missed a lot of her descriptions!  
I have a great question for the JC Team C science class:   WHY IS THE TIDE A 24 HOUR CYCLE and not a 12?

We had to wait for the plane to UNLOAD all the cargo. (Mail – there were 2 large MAIL containers!!!) and lots of scientific ‘contraptions’. It is interesting to watch the “guide” who gives hand signals to the fork lift driver. There was a new person in training on that, too.  Right now, he was unsure of his signals and made lots of little moves – in another week – he will be confident and bring the lift right in on target!

I helped walk someone into the plane (she slipped and injured her ankle) – being sent to Christchurch to evaluate whether she gets to stay or is sent home.  I had given her MY toe warmers earlier – as her foot was in a ‘stabilizer’ with only socks covering her toes.  After the pax loaded, we still had to sit and wait for the plane to take off before we could return to McMurdo. 

Oh, I did run into one of the Weather Gals that I had met last year. She was one of the 3 of us who formed a TEAM to do the Polar Plunge. And one of the 2 who chickened out!  We had a good laugh reminiscing over it all.

Time for breakfast – followed by my hike to work.  (Sounds better than my trudge up the hill!)


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