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Good morning. I checked the forecast and it looks like it will be a great day. Cloudy this morning but clearing up for the afternoon.  Should be a good day to start taking the hundreds of photos of our live volcano, Mt. Erebus!   (Pronounced: air’-uh-bus)

I did rest up for most of yesterday. I have to keep reminding myself that I just got here and need to ‘settle’ before trying to get involved in everything.  (Also – everyone else just arrived, too – so there is nothing much happening except opening up the buildings  and getting schedules figured out.  We have 4 more shuttle drivers coming on Friday. I believe they are all “returnees” so there won’t be much involved in training. All total there will be 18 drivers- counting our supervisor. Down from 21 last year. We do provide 24 hour service 7 days a week!  (But with budget cuts – we will be reducing the number of services provided.)  And on Sundays it will be Bill Sunde and I running shuttles.  HOW SCARY IS THAT?  (Way to go Abilene, KS for sending your finest down here!!!)

Except for all the aches and pains – it still feels as though I never left!  Everywhere I go there are familiar faces (I’m still bad with names!) and lots of “what did you do off ice?”.  Old Joe made me  (yes MADE me) eat Frosty Boy last night after supper.  Oh… he will be turning 80 in Feb. 09!!!  That has to be a world record for the oldest person to WORK down here.  We’ve had a couple of older men who VISITED…. but not work full time like Old Joe is!  (I’m young Jo…or Shuttle JoJo….. & also at times… Shuttle YoYo- simply because it’s fun to say!)

Time to grab some breakfast and head up my favorite, steep, incline to work!


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