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My little group of 126 (or 129, not exactly sure) finally made it to McMurdo this morning – landing about 6:30 AM.  Yes, we flew all night – I hardly slept at all.  I will be reporting in for DUTY at 1:00. There is another plane coming this evening – so we shuttle drivers have to kick it into gear right away. 

I don’t have my room settled.  Quickly made the bed so I can fall into it late tonight.  One of my new roomies (4 to a room!) is a sweet gal that I met in orientation. We are excited to be together.  The other 2 are at work.  Will update you later on that.

Oh… temperature at my landing time: -23 degrees F.    I took my glove off to accept the token bag of Peanut M&M’s that Bill Sunde has to provide, and froze 3 fingers right away!  COOL…

It’s almost like I never left.   🙂


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  1. Well hello meine mutter!! I’m glad you made it there safely 🙂 Sounds like ole’ Sunde is a good man!! I’m sure he knew better than to forget your M&M’s!! I hope your first day of work goes well. I love you very much!

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