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My oh my…. At least my flight was cancelled as we were all sitting on the buses that took us to the CDC/airport instead of the earlier flight – that made it all the way to McMurdo, waited to see if they could land – could NOT, and then flew all the way back!

We will try again tonight. (There is another flight trying to go right now.) I didn’t check the old McMurdo webcam to see what the weather is doing. That “link” (click on the line) is on the ANTARCTICA page. I’ve looked several times. Once in awhile you will get an error code….but check back later and it is up and running. (Not that you get to see much, except SNOW!)

My backpack of 5 days supply to travel in is not working out so well this time. Oh well. I do have more that I mailed several months ago to McMurdo. If all else fails – I’ll stand next to the aromatic blooming bushes and hope no one notices! We’re ALL in the same boat. I’m actually better off than most who only counted on 2 days of travel!!!

********* Wish me luck tonight!**************


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