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It’s 3:30 AM here in Christchurch and I’m up wandering the hotel as I WAIT for the bus to get me. The birds are singing – it’s not pouring rain – and it looks like this flight will get to take off as scheduled! (Did I forget to mention the bus comes at 11:30 for us – I just HATE to be late!)

We, the 129 pax, will quickly get into our ECW gear – make final tucks and zips to our 75 lbs or less luggage – then hike to the next area where we are shown one more safety film as the plane is loaded with our bags. I am guessing we will actually depart around 3 PM – putting us into McMurdo 5 hours later. (My bedtime) haha. I received an email from my supervisor to head to the office at 0730 on Thursday. Break time over! It’s hit the ice spinning!

Let’s hope the next time I post here – it will be from Antarctica!!!


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