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Well – today’s flight was cancelled yet again! I am still scheduled to depart NZ on wed 8th. They are going to try and work 2 flights in one day – if the WEATHER EVER CLEARS! Bad start for the grantees. They only have so many days with which to do their experiments. Losing an entire week might ruin their entire project(s).

I did get to the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) for my Extreme Cold Weather Gear today. The dressing room is STACKED with all the bags ready to fly!!

It’s a good thing I went against my better judgement and purchased some more yarn while out browsing – so now I have something to occupy my time! It’s weird that I’m anxious to get back to McMurdo and begin working. I know it’s going to be bitterly cold and with a little touch of snow – ha! But I’m still ready to experience it all again. sigh.

Met some people from London – they are here from the BBC doing some filming. They, of course, have to wait until the rest of us get there – and will be filming life around “the ice” until December.

Paying by the minute here at the hotel to access internet. So will close for now!


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