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Well – it was great to wake up this morning to learn that the flight they were trying to sneak onto McMurdo between storms – was cancelled again! There are around 500 + “ice people” stuck in Christchurch awaiting good weather!

I will have to get out my rain gear. (I learned from last year that it does rain on this tropical island a LOT.) Then I can still wander around the city – or the botanical gardens. The blooming flowers, shrubs and trees are overwhelming. I stopped during my walk around yesterday – numerous times , just to smell the air…..and enjoy the beauty and intensity of the colors.

Did I mention I’m STRANDED on a tropical island? (insert large smilie face here)

“No worries”…. (that’s a very common term here.) I have discovered a KNITTING SHOP. I’m just going to BROWSE.

It could be 2 or 3 days now for me. Although they…. (and I ask WHO IS THEY?) have put my name on “the list” of people they want on the earliest flights to the ice. (I’m fine with that- it’s HOT here… I don’t like HOT.)

That’s it for today!


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