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I made it to Christchurch!  So now I have jumped a day ahead of everyone back home!

The trip was great- the smooth airport transition from plane to plane, didn’t quite work out like they planned – but it was close!  A couple more trips and it will be smooth sailing.

It’s noon here- I was able to get into my requested hotel – in a room by myself, even though the McMurdo flights have backed up about 3 or 4 days worth now.   Oh darn.  I now have to wander around Christchurch for a few days while they wait for the weather to clear and get people flown onto “the ice”.  I’ve already seen numerous “ice people” from last year walking around town.  There will be lots of gatherings and long meals sharing stories of who’s been up to what!

I have to put coins in a machine here at this hotel to use the internet.  Must keep it short or I’ll run out of time to post this!  I’m goind great. It’s still an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to feel some COLD weather.   I happened to think that with traveling this far – I keep have the same two seasons over and over! I left at the end of summer last year to arrive in New Zealand for SPRING… then summer at McMurdo…. then back to the states for SPRING followed by another summer. I arrive in New Zealand again to find it is once again SPRING 🙂    (No wonder I’m always so confused!)

I’m off to tour Christchurch!


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