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Hello – I had a great flight on a tiny airplane from Salina to Denver. (Give or take the turbulence from Salina to Dodge City – where we ‘stopped’ to get a new pilot, the rest of the trip was uneventful!) After retrieving my luggage, I went to the shuttle location and was the final seat on the van.  3 of the riders were people I knew from last year.  I immediately said hello – and then introduced myself to the “new ones”. The rest of the 30 minute ride to our hotel(s) was spent answering questions and giving advice.  Looks like it will be another great year of people.  We were all laughing and having a great time.  Those of us at the hotel I’m staying in – all met for dinner – and enjoyed more fellowship.    I then went to my room and CRASHED.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 Colorado time – anxious to get started on the orientation portion again! AND – I knew I would get a FLU SHOT – so that was something else to look forward to!  As the agenda unfolded, I again was hit with the excitement of it all.  Our group will be the FIRST to experience the newest ease to our traveling.  We will get to check our luggage through to Christchurch, NZ at the Denver airport, and they will have a check in counter just for us! Last year I had to retrieve it at LA .. then move to the international terminal and recheck. ) We are supposed to arrive at the “area”  we will depart on Quantas from. 

Tonight we will be meeting to eat together again.  I have my final packing completed.  I will now live totally out of my backpack until reaching McMurdo.  OH… that might be awhile. There have been 2 flights before this – and they have not been able to leave Christchurch – due to bad weather.  This morning a flight went for 3 hours (it’s a 5 hour flight to McMurdo from Christchurch) and then got the word they would have to return.    That’s called BOOMARANG.  I wouldn’t mind a day or two of that!  You get to spend more time touring Christchurch!

I doubt I will be near a computer again until reaching Christchurch.  But will catch you up as I can.


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