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I actually managed to get a few hours of sleep in last night. (Doesn’t everyone wake up at 4 AM to shower and get ready for the day?)

Luckily I checked the webcam – it’s been snowing – and I noticed during yesterday’s storm, the camera was blown to a new view.  (rats) The small mountain in the center is Observation Hill – aka “Ob Hill” to the locals. Explorers would climb this to watch for any saving ships that may go by.  NOTHING goes by. This year I plan to climb it.  Hopefully someone will get up there to point the camera back down to the sea ice and view of McMurdo.   (Someone remind me in a week – and I’ll DRIVE the person up and assist with those changes!)

Yesterday, I tried to make a quick call to the airline we use to fly on – to make sure I would be getting CREDIT for the miles.  ( yes, 14, 779 miles of credit!) That quick call ended up being 30 minutes of chatter with the customer service rep.  When I called the credit card company to notify them of some ‘out of town’ usage, we talked for almost an HOUR!

Today I head to Denver for 2 days of orientation and the drilling of SAFETY-SAFETY-SAFETY.  On day 2, a large bus will come to orientation and take us to the airport – for our flight to LA.  Then it’s the 12 hour flight to Auckland, NZ.  Board another plane to Christchurch, NZ – and after checking in for the Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear – we can have a night of rest – before boarding that final 5 hour flight to McMurdo!  Internet usage will be sporadic from now until I’m settled at McMurdo. (5 days)

Feel free to ask questions!  I’ll do my best to answer, or find someone who can.


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