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Finally, a little wildlife spotted!  As I drove out to Willy Field it was standing beside the road (sort of – off in the distance, but NEAR the road.)  I asked the pilots in my vehicle if they would like to stop and view it.  “NO”… poo….. so I continued on to the Airstrip, dropped them off at their LC-130 and raced back to the site to get some photos!  Emperor penguins are much larger than the little, cute Adele’s.  They also can do a pretty mean WHACKING job with their little ‘wings’, so I didn’t dare approach it.  I’ll post photos of it as soon as I get my camera and cord down to the computer kiosk area!

Let’s see – yesterday was my final Cookie Day. I had chocolate chip. (As I have EVERY cookie day!) The station is emptying out – around 250 people have left already with more departing each day. My flight out is scheduled for Monday – Feb 16.  Each time I drive out on the snow roads – I look around – trying to memorize every detail of the surrounding mountains and Mt. Erebus with all her splendor.  Good thing Kansas allows for some pretty expansive views – I will miss being able to see and ‘feel’ the expansion down here.  But, I am looking forward to some time in New Zealand. Little nose – get ready for the smells!

I have certainly enjoyed my time in Antarctica. I recommend it to anyone who has the desire to travel and experience new things!   This departure signals the end of my adventure.  Last year I knew I was getting to return, and my enthusiasm never dwindled.  Now I have to make sure I have closure – and I hate saying goodbye!


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  1. Hi Jo!

    I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in Antarctica both years. It appears to be a beautiful, but cold place to visit or work. Enjoy your time in New Zealand. We had a great time there 2 years ago. Safe travel!

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