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I have this morning off- so used the time (between loads of laundry to add more photos! The supply ship is close to be being UNloaded. Then it will be LOADED. They figure about 2&1/2 – 3 more days.  The photos show the millvans that handle everything arriving. Food – tools – paper, it ALL goes in one of those!

I also posted one showing Oden, the ice crusher off in the distance of where I was driving. That used to freak me out a little last year – and it still did this year!  When driving out to the Pegasus Airfield, we know it is on frozen sea water. (And “they” say it will never melt.)  Yet you are driving along, glance out the window and see a SHIP sharing space with you!!!  With the warmer temps this year, we did have some terrible moments out at Pegasus. “They” who said it will never melt, sure used a lot of HOSE and a big engine thing to pump the water from around the airplanes out to as far away from the runway as possible!!!

The big event of the week was celebrating Shuttle Joe’s 80th birthday. (His actual date is the 22nd, but we will all be off the ice by then.)  The entire station took part in it, the galley went all out on some awesome cakes – complete with fancy decorating! The Carpentry shop made an awesome wooden plaque. The Sheet metal shop made a copper plate to fit on the wood, inscribed with information about this big event.  The Green House let us have FRESH, REAL, flowers for his table. And the entire galley joined in singing!  To date, he is the oldest WORKING person at McMurdo. (Could be in the entire Antarctic, but we have no way to verify that.)  He is an inspiration to us all.

Let’s see…. ONE MORE COOKIE day for me  – then it’s off for 2 weeks in New Zealand before returning home.


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