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The supply ship arrived!  She was about a day and 1/2 late, but finally is ‘parked’ next to the ice pier. Once the ship was tied down/secured the 24 hour operation of off-loading began. We did bring in about 100 NAVCHAPS to assist with this. So far, everything is running smoothly. Since it is so arid, we have a ‘water truck’ that is trying to put down a wet path to aid in keeping the air around here breathable!  We all have red, itchy eyes from the dust blowing in and I spend a great deal of time SNEEZING.  I love snow… where is all our SNOW??? 

On the ship is our supplies for the next year – including a WIND mill that the Kiwi’s will be putting up on a hill to generate electricity. I did get some photos of the ‘pieces’. This one is smaller than those I’ve seen in Kansas.  I’ve been driving down Interstate 70 and passed the semi carrying a blade – THAT was a huge blade!!

We took our first group of station workers to the C-17 yesterday. It’s called getting “OFF the ice”. I have ONE more COOKIE DAY to go before I can get of the ice.  (My date has been selected as Feb. 16) We’ll see if the weather and planes hold up for this!  I am trying to memorize all the views I have been having for these past 4 months. I would like one more storm – so I can stand in it and get that exhilarating feeling again!


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  1. Are you taking a little vacation in New Zealand again before you head back to Kansas?

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