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Well, here it is – February, my final month to enjoy in Antarctica. (Or half of a month – depending on my actual departure date!)

The weather continues to ‘hold’ – it’s been cold enough to help firm up the snow roads and transition area, but warm enough to still enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine. I really do miss all the storms we had last year. I’ve seen enough of the brown/gray/icky lava colored rocks to last awhile and want new, pristine snow again!

On Friday, I helped drive in 100 people from the Pegasus airfield. Most of them were NAVCHAPS. (People from the Navy who come to help with the off load and loading of the supply ship.) Yesterday, I and another shuttle driver ‘taught’ 6 of them to operate our Airporters. They will handle transporting their crews to and from the pier during the 24 hour operation!  The American Tern is due in tomorrow, and I believe McMurdo is ready! Millvans are stacked and ready. Signs have been posted all over to aid in the NAVCHAPS finding the locations to put the supplies!

The Weddell seals have arrived by the hundreds now. I don’t have any good photos of them this year. Still no sign of penguins. (Rats.)

…..only 2 more cookie days….!


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