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Oden has been “playing” around in the bay for a couple of days now – chopping up all the ice, in hopes the wind will push it out to sea. (So far it’s still sitting here – like a big glass of crushed ice.)  It would be awesome to see a lot of open water this year.  One tiny little adelie followed (or lead) the ship in.  We sure haven’t seen the wildlife this summer. The seal numbers never rose beyond a dozen or so within our viewing area.

The millvans have all been checked and are being lined up in tidy rows all around McMurdo, in preparation of the Supply Ship’s arrival.  I haven’t heard yet where the Fuel ship is – that came first last year, and I assume it will again.  The exciting thing arriving on the supply ship will be the blades for our first little wind farm down here! 

H.S.H. Prince of Monaco is here now. Oh what a joy it is to have “D.V.’s” here. (Distinguished Visitors).

As for the roads. Finally, it is getting a little cooler so the transition and snow roads are holding up for at least a day and a half!  I’m still stiff and sore from last week’s little driving excursion. What a great job I have!!!  Nothing boring about it!  Have I mentioned how many times the delta’s and Ivan have broken down this year?  We are kept in a constant circle of “Uh oh… now what shall we do?”  You do have to be flexible and say – no worries!  It’s amazing how creative we get in getting people from destination A to destination B when we only have 2 of the 4 vehicles working!  (3 deltas and 1 Ivan)  Once the snow roads firm up, we can go back to using the vans. 

One of my roommates is leaving in 10 days.  Watching her pack up is a sad reminder that I have to begin that process, too.  All BOXES must be packed up and ready to ship by the end of Jan. Now I have to get organized again to determine what 2 shirts I will live in for the remainder of my time.  5 – 7 weeks from now! I absolutely hate carrying any more items than are necessary when flying out of here.


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