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Ok… I added some photos taken by Shuttle Bill (well – one of his passengers that was riding in the front of a delta took them with Bill’s camera) This is what we drive through each day. It started out with an occasional ‘hole’ and has developed into a terrible mess!!!  There is no way to show the BUMPS and jolts that occur as you plow through. (Unless you get a chance to view the VIDEO of it when I get back to Kansas!)

I’m actually at work now – I drove Ivan the Terra Bus through this morning at 5:30 – and had a ‘break’ from driving the transition until 2:30 this afternoon.   When a driver makes it through in Ivan – the pax will actually applaud!!!!  It is also imperative that you wear a seat belt – especially the driver. I am literally rocketed out of the driving seat numerous times – only the belt holds me in. (These are details I don’t usually tell my family.)


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