Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Perfect Portraits of People

 Woodcraft blog by Lori Harper

Lori just finished posting her blog about our meeting in Columbus, Ohio (June, 2017). There are also links at the end of her story to purchase supplies if you are just beginning.

Jo’s First Book is Now Available Almost Everywhere!

The best price is on  I know Italy has access on  Check on your country – it may be there, too!

Jo reveals her secrets for creating perfect likenesses of your favorite people using smooth shading methods that she developed over years of burning.  Learn how to render the human face with detail and beauty, with expert tips for burning lifelike skin tones and facial features.

Make lifelike eyes, ears, nose, lips and hair for every age and ethnicity with step-by-step illustrated projects!

Hi Jo,

You don’t know me, but I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you congrats on your new book.  I work for Tree line here in Utah and we have sold many woodburning books over the years and your book is the best I have seen in quite some time.  I look forward to recommending and selling this book for years to come through our store.
Thank you for taking the time to put together a first class book.  I think the industry has needed this information for quite some time.

Take care,

PJ Peery
Provo, Utah






Cover 2013



“Morning Swim” makes the cover of the Pyrography Magazine 2013!


It has been said that a true artist can bring forth life from her chosen medium, but it is an even greater  gift when she can evoke emotions in the viewer.

Burning Tree Art Gallery

Abilene, Kansas 67410


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Always looking for something creative to do, Jo was in her 40’s when she first sensed the hidden life in wood.  With few tools and no teacher, she began to explore the mysteries of burning images on wood. Each piece has inherent softness or hardness in the grain requiring skill and sensitivity to reveal its unique beauty.  Each creation takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

We think you’ll agree that an accurate description of her work would be: “Sophisticated Woodburning” !

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Feel free to browse the Gallery. If you find a piece that you like, contact Jo for pricing and availability.

OR – if you would prefer to purchase a PRINT, click on the link to see what is available. If you don’t see the piece you want, drop Jo an email to request it be added.


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Basic Tutorials: As time allows, Jo will add some basic tutorials to help others. If not for the generosity of other artists taking the time to help her, she would not have stayed with pyrography!

Stop by often to check for NEW posted Artwork

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